Actress Nadine Lustre fired back at critics who claimed that she has become different and now appears to be older.

On her Twitter account, Nadine Lustre responded to the criticism head-on with a single post that included a GIF showing that she thinks the comments to be laughable.

She stated, “I find it so strange when people remark I’ve changed and I appear older.” “I find it so weird.”

“What? Were you anticipating me to be the same individual when I was 21 years old? Next week will mark my 29th birthday,” Lustre continued.

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Nadine Lustre

As this article is being written, the tweet that Nadine Lustre posted has already received thousands of “likes” and hundreds of retweets.

There were also hundreds of responses from her followers, with some of them encouraging the actress to simply shrug it off and move on with her life.

The film “Deleter,” which will be submitted to the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival, will star Lustre.

Nadine Lustre plays the role of an online content administrator who, during the course of the film, is responsible for removing a suicide video that was created by her coworker.

When her character, Lyra, who is also attempting to flee from her “own difficult history,” begins to be harassed by a “strange vindictive spirit,” the horror part of the novel begins to unravel, and it is at this point that the story is classified as a “techno-thriller.”

Earlier, Nadine Lustre had shared with ABS-CBN News that her character in the show “Deleter” features a number of subtleties. “In a manner, may mga moves siya at may pinagdadaanan siya. Kailangan maintindihan niya ‘yung mga nangyayari around her.”

“Psychological horror films, of which I am a fan, have always been something I’ve wanted to do. I can confidently say that “Deleter” is the first, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. When a movie has a backstory, often known as merong malalim na kwento, I find it to be quite enjoyable. I like films na after mo siyang panoorin, ilang days mo pa siya iisipin.”

This is the first time that Nadine Lustre has worked together with Mikhail Red on any project. It is her second offering for the big screen as she started her acting career this year with the film “Greed,” after taking a break of three years during which she concentrated on her musical career.

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