Despite the fact that he had a finger injury during the early part of his training camp in Japan, Carlos Yulo continues to be optimistic about his chances of winning the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. This news was revealed on Monday night.

“Wala akong kaba. Di naman ako natakot. Siguro, sa practice lang talaga nagkakatalo (I don’t feel nervous and I’m not terrified.

It’s possible that everything will depend on how well you prepare for it “During an online news conference, Carlos Yulo made the following statement.

He said that he was alright when he tried training with his bum finger during the floor and vault training, which was certainly a sigh of relief given that he won golds in the respective routines in the previous editions of the competition.

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Carlos Yulo

“Sa mga ibang apparatuses nakabalik naman ako agad—sa floor and vault ang pinaka nagawa ko (I was able to get back swiftly in some apparatuses. I did an excellent job on both the floor exercises and the vault exercises “said Carlos Yulo, who won the floor competition in 2019 and the vault competition in 2021.

Moreover, he admitted that it was difficult for him to perform his stunts on the horizontal bar and especially the parallel bars, which is where he won a silver medal last year. This is because he needs to hold on to the bars for a considerable amount of time in order to complete his routines on these apparatuses.

Despite this, Carlos Yulo is prepared to participate in the competition that will take place in Liverpool beginning this coming weekend.

Carlos Yulo’s training camp in Paris is coming to an end, and according to Mune Kugumiya, Carlos Yulo and his teammates will depart for the city in England on Tuesday.

The first phase of Carlos Yulo’s mission will begin the following Monday with the qualification round.

If he is successful, the championship round will take place on November 5 and 6, at the latest.

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