Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol has now reached the point where he can properly claim to himself as a champion.

After defeating RRQ Hoshi by a score of 4-1 on Sunday evening, the young prodigy who is only 17 years old led Onic Esports to the championship title of MPL Indonesia Season 10 and won the tournament.

Onic Esports were knocked down to the lower bracket by RRQ and needed to win against Aura Fire in order to secure the final spot in the grand finals. This victory was Onic Esports’ opportunity to exact their revenge on RRQ.

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Kairi, who had previously been awarded the title of MVP for the regular season, received the award for MVP of the Grand Finals as well. In addition to that, earlier on, he was recognized as having the finest jungler performance.

In the early part of this year, Kairi made the switch from Onic Philippines to Onic Esports, and he immediately made an impact in his first competitive match.

Due to the fact that Kairi was unable to win the championship in Manila, the MPL Indonesia title is also his very first championship overall.

From the 1st to the 15th of January, Kairi will also compete in the M4 World Championships, where she will represent Indonesia, the country that is hosting the event.

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